Various Diseases Due to Global Warming

Global warming is a prolonged increase in the average temperature of the earth. The reason is human activities that produce carbon dioxide and other gases, such as combustion remnants from vehicle engines or factories. In the end, this condition can affect the global climate. In general, climate change can have a negative impact on clean water sources, human food, shelter, and impact on human health. Diseases Caused by Global Warming By knowing that the impact is so real in our daily lives, we can be more aware to behave friendly to nature. Furthermore, let's explore the effects of global warming on human health. Respiratory disease Climate change can increase the concentration of ozone, which is a clear pollutant. Ozone is dangerous to the lungs because it can affect lung disorders, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. Increased asthma and bronchitis can be said to be the first measure of the impact of global warming. Apart from increasing ozone c
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